• Geographies: South Asia and South East Asia


• Countries of focus: India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines


• Countries on watch-list: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia


• Sector interests: Agnostic, all high-growth sectors or niches, excludes high risk and high capital  sectors like Pharmaceutical, Hardware, Infrastructure etc.


• Stage (Private): Late Early Stage Venture ($2-5m), Growth Stage firms including Small Buy-outs/ins (less than $15m) and lower Mid-Market firms ($15-150m)


• Stage (Public): Small-cap ($250m–$2bn), Micro-cap ($50-250m) and Nano-cap ($50-250m) and Micro-cap (less than $50m); Select Mid-cap ($2-10bn)


• Investment amount: (a) Private: USD 2-20m as single or co-investor; (b) Public: USD 1-10m


• Stake: Minority with operational involvement; Select control investments


• Culture: Good governance, vision for growth and innovation






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